Kwasi Aggor FAQ

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Welcome to the official website of Kwasi Aggor. On the official site of Kwasi Aggor, you will learn all about Kwasi Aggor’s features within the EdTech space.

Who is Kwasi Aggor?

Kwasi Aggor is employed in the EdTech space and has been featured in international news platforms for his insights on the education technology space as well as emerging technologies within the sector.

What does Kwasi Aggor have to say about EdTech?

EdTech is a rising player in the education sector across the world. A combination of education and technology, it refers to hardware and software designed to enhance teacher-led learning in classrooms and enhance quality of education for students.

While it brings a plethora of benefits to the field of learning and education, Kwasi Aggor thinks that one of the major benefits of EdTech is the efficiency it brings to the classroom.

According to the EdTech worker, “One of the areas with great automation potential is one that teachers deal with before they even get to the classroom – preparation.”

Kwasi Aggor thinks that even if teachers spend the same amount of time preparing, technology could make that time more effective, helping them come up with even better lesson plans and approaches.

EdTech could help teachers assess the current level of their students’ understanding, group students according to learning needs, and suggest lesson plans, materials, and problem sets for each group.

“We are now able to provide collaboration platforms that enable teachers to search and find relevant materials posted by other teachers or administrators.”

Kwasi Aggor thinks that EdTech has the potential to save teachers time not only in areas such as direct instruction and engagement but also coaching and advisement as well as behavioral, social, and emotional skill development.

Learn more about Kwasi Aggor and his insights on the EdTech industry in his Influencive feature.

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