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Kwasi Aggor has been featured in international news outlets, discussing the emergence and evolution of the EdTech space, especially within the last couple of years. Read all about Kwasi Aggor’s experience in EdTech and where the industry is going. 

Education Technology

Catch all of Kwasi Aggor’s latest features about EdTech and read more about the future of education technology. Get all of Kwasi Aggor’s projections and more. 

Teaching and Learning

Learn how teachers and students are using EdTech to improve their learning experiences. Learn about the many advantages of EdTech and more. 

EdTech Incorporation

Learn how EdTech is being incorporated inside and outside of the classroom and how teachers and students are using it to learn faster and free up time. 


"EdTech has marked one of the most drastic developments in the history of education."


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Get the latest posts from Kwasi Aggor on his personal blog, which discusses the EdTech industry and the latest emerging technology in the space.

“EdTech has provided the education sector with interactive learning platforms that can enable educators to expand the domain of classroom learning.”

Read more in Kwasi Aggor’s latest feature in Market Watch.  

Kwasi Aggor

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Kwasi Aggor has been featured on international news platforms such as Market WatchVents Magazine and the London Post UK. Visit Kwasi’s Media section on the site to learn about his latest interviews where he discusses the EdTech industry.

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